Fuel Surcharge

The transport industry is subject to fluctuating fuel costs, which we have to allow for in our pricing scale. This will be updated on a monthly basis according to the following scale: Jet Fuel Index (USD per gallon)

February 2024

  • Domestic fuel surcharge          19%
  • International fuel surcharge    29%

March 2024

  • Domestic fuel surcharge          20%
  • International fuel surcharge    30%

There will be a 1 month delay in the application of the index. ICR Worldwide Express Ltd reserves the right to change the fuel supplement index and table with or without notice. Both the amount and duration of the surcharge will be determined at the sole discretion of ICR Worldwide Express Ltd.

Shipping Updates

Due to the devastating Russian invasion of Ukraine:

  • Ukraine – service suspended
  • Belarus – service suspended
  • Russia – service suspended

Other shipping updates:

  • Iran – service suspended due to sanctions
  • Israel – expect major delays to certain areas
  • Jerusalem, West Bank, and Gaza – service suspended


In the face of the challenges posed by the unprecedented global COVID-19 crisis, ICR have to levy an Emergency Situation Surcharge (ESS) to all International Express shipments, from the 1st April 2020 until further notice.

ESS Charge: £1 per Kg, min. charge £2.50

Shipping between GB/EU 

Goods moving from GB/EU are now subject to full customs controls. UK importers can claim tariff preference if they have a statement on origin – this must be made out by the exporter to confirm that the product originates in the EU. Include the following information on your commercial invoice when exporting / importing:

  • Include shipper & receiver VAT & EORI numbers
  • Describe goods accurately
  • Include correct Commodity / HS code(s) and correct value of goods
  • Include country of origin details, reason for export, apply correct incoterms as agreed with your customer (DDP / DAP)
  • Include your (& the recipient’s) shipping addresses & contact details.

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