Fuel and Other Surcharges

DescriptionExplanationChargeSurcharge GBP
Full Dangerous GoodsShipping Dangerous / Hazardous Goods.Per ShipmentPOA
Please ask before you confirm booking
Dry Ice UN1845Dry Ice UN1845Per ShipmentPOA
Please ask before you confirm booking
Remote Area Delivery
(International Delivery)
When shipping to a remote areas, islands or rural areas for example. Quote is based on the logistics of the delivery.Per ShipmentPOA
Please ask before you confirm booking
Elevated RiskA surcharge is applied when shipping to or importing from a destination country at elevated risk due to continuous state of war, civil unrest, or continuous threats from terrorism.
Countries affected (subject to change):
Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Mali, Niger, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine and Yemen
Per Shipment£45
Restricted DestinationShipping in compliance with trade restrictions.
A surcharge applies when shipping goods to, or importing from, a destination country that is subject to trade restrictions imposed by the UN Security Council. Countries affected (subject to change): Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen
Per Shipment£45
Exporter ValidationYour shipment may require additional validation. Applies when shipping to or importing from a
country subject to exporter validation requirements due to trade restrictions
imposed by national legislation such as the
European Union or the US Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).
Countries affected (subject to change):
Afghanistan, Belarus, Myanmar, Zimbabwe, Russia and Lebanon
Per Shipment£45
Address Correction
and / or
Re-delivery Fee
Our priority is to get your shipment into the right hands, if we need to correct an address, the following charges apply.Per Shipment (UK)

Per Shipment (International*)

£15* Address Correction only, other fees may apply for international re-delivery subject to area.
Data EntryConsignments booked by ICR, rather than via the booking portal.Per Shipment£2.50
Overweight PieceSingle item exceeding 30 kg
Courier shipments are normally handled up to 30kgs or 120cms, and are handled differently if they exceed this.
Per Piece (UK)
Per Piece (International)
Oversize PieceSingle item exceeding 30 kg
Courier shipments are normally handled up to 30kgs or 120cms, and are handled differently if they exceed this.
Per Piece (UK)
Per Piece (International)
Non-Stackable PalletWhen shipping non-stackable pallets.Per Piece£250
3rd Party CollectionCollection from anywhere other than your account addressPer Shipment£30
DDP Shipment
Admin and
Deferment Fee

DDP Available on Request
Shipment arranged so shipper pays any duty/taxes
(rather than the receiver - DAP)
DDP Admin fee and deferment charge is on top of any Duty/taxes.
Per Shipment £35 Admin Fee
Plus 8% of the total duty/taxes as a deferment fee
(This is separate to the actual duty/taxes)
Fuel SurchargeVariable (updated monthly) surcharge
applied to all shipments and on top of all other surcharges.
Per ShipmentInternational - see www.icrdeliver.com

Domestic - see www.icrdeliver.com
Emergency SituationService continuation in (and in the aftermath) of
emergency situations.
Per KG£1 (min. charge £2.50)
NES HV EntryNational Export System High Value Entry administration chanrge.
Shipments considered high value require a customs entry to be performed electronically on the NES platform prior to export from the UK.
Per Shipment£15
Volumetric WeightInvoices are based on the chargeable weight of a shipment. You will be charged the actual weight or the volumetric weight
of a shipment, whichever is greater. Use the sum to get your chargeable weight in KGs.
Per Piecelength x height x depth (in cms) divided by 5000
equals volumetric (chargeable) weight in KGs
Professional PackagingCertain items require professional packaging to be shipped,
packages unsuitably packed will not be insured or shipped.
Per PiecePOA
Please ask before you confirm booking
InsuranceICR provide insurance up to £50 and suggest you insure goods with a value of over £50. No claims will be made for goods we deem insufficiently packaged. Some items cannot be insured, e.g. glass.Per Piece2.5% of the value of the goods
A minimum charge of £30
Card transaction/paymentPayments can be made, per shipment or per invoice, via the
website and a transaction fee is charged due to bank charges.
Per transaction 5%
Request DHL or FedEx deliveryIf you, or your customer, would like to specify the final delivery to be made by DHL or FedEx, ICR can arrange this for you.Per shipment£25
Pieces over 30KGs and/orOverweight or oversize charges will apply, but sending these items are not included in your agreed tariff and may be spot-priced.Per PiecePOA
Please ask before you confirm booking
Pieces over 120cms
Waiting time / Loading timeFor collections that require additional time for loading onto the vehicle, or waiting time for goods to be made ready for driver.Per collection£1 per minute (e.g. 15 minutes is £15)
The first 14 minutes is free of charge
UK Overnight surchargesInclude remote area, timed service, islands, highlands and
Northern Ireland. Other charges may apply for certain UK deliveries.
Per shipmentRefer to your
UK tariff
Non Document SurchargesNon Documents (parcels) sent outside of the UK incur a non-document surcharge as per your tariff.Per shipmentRefer to your
international tariff
EU SurchargeA necessary surcharge following UK's departure from the EU.Per EU shipment£5 (plus 30p per KG)
e.g. 1 Kg = £5.30
Quotes are based on collection from account address unless otherwise stated, and are subject to weight and dimension verification at depot. All quotes / shipments sent are DAP unless otherwise stated and DDP is only available on request.Quotes, unless otherwise stated, exclude any import duty / taxes, return or re-delivery, surcharges or admin charges. UK (same-day and overnight) quotes exclude VAT at the current rateFuel surcharge is applied to all shipments, after all associated delivery charges and surcharges, at the current rate. Current month's Fuel Charge can be found at www.icrdeliver.com - More information available under 'Tools'

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