Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll probably have a few questions by now…so we’ve jotted down a few answers:

Can you deliver my package today?

Possibly – if it’s going to Mainland UK, and we get started asap. Just tell us where your package is travelling from, where’s it’s headed and the latest time we can deliver. We’ll tell you there and then if we can guarantee Same Day Delivery.

What’s the fastest way to send my package overseas?

Our fastest option is Worldwide Express. We can deliver to most EU countries overnight, to the USA in 1-2 days, and the Far East in 2-3 days.

What’s the cheapest way to send my package overseas?

We offer a range of budget options, so it depends on a combination of package type and timescales for delivery. If cost is your first priority, just tell us what you’re shipping and we’ll find you the most cost-effective route.

Do I have to take a standard service, or can you offer something bespoke?

Our whole business is built on flexibility. No two packages, and no two deadlines, will ever be the same – so if our standard services don’t fit your needs, let us know and we’ll tailor an individual option.

Do you handle imports as well as exports?

Yes. We’ll import from any country, subject to local export regulations. Just let us know what you’re shipping and we’ll take care of everything.

How soon can you give me a quotation for courier shipments?

During business hours, we’ll normally email you a quotation in a matter of minutes – and we guarantee that you’ll have it within half an hour. As you’d expect, Seafreight quotations can take a little longer, so we’ll give you a timescale when you call.

How are your shipping costs calculated?

We’ll charge according to dead weight or volume, whichever is the greater. To see how this would apply to your package, check our Volumetric Weight Calculator.

Will my goods be insured?

Like all responsible couriers, we offer a liability payment for loss or damage of your goods in transit. This amounts to £50. If your goods are high in value, we strongly advise that you take out additional insurance.

Will ICR be handling my shipment throughout its journey?

To keep your costs to a minimum, we use our own couriers and a network of trusted international partners, who are continuously screened for speed, reliability and quality of service. Alternatively, we can offer you an On Board Courier (OBC) to accompany your package all the way to its destination.

Is there any kind of shipment you don’t handle?

Yes – take a look at our list of restrictions and prohibited items.

Do I have to book online?

No. You can book offline if you prefer. And if you’re using us regularly, we can pre-print your consignment notes to include all your recurring details – so offline can be just as easy as on.

Can you help me with paperwork?

Yes. If you’re struggling to make sense of any documents, including your Customs Declaration, our Customer Service team will talk you through it step by step.

How should I package my goods for transit?

Every shipment is different, but anything we transport for you must be securely packaged. Our Customer Service team can advise on the best ways to package certain types of goods.

When will you collect?

We generally collect within an hour or two of booking. We’ll agree a window for collection when you get in touch.

How do I get my goods through Customs?

We’ll ask you to complete all paperwork in advance, so that we can clear Customs as quickly as possible. If you’re only shipping documents, no forms are required – but for all other goods travelling outside the EU, you should issue a pro-forma or commercial invoice in triplicate.

Will I have to pay import taxes?

As a rule, the person who receives the goods is liable for local duties and taxes, so we’ll mark your exports as ‘DDU’ (Delivery Duty Unpaid). However, you should be aware that these charges will be billed to you if the recipient refuses to make payment. In this event, an administration charge would also apply.

What happens if my shipment is delayed?

We’ll inform you by email if our schedule is affected – and if your delivery is urgent, we’ll contact you by phone. You can also check our progress via daily reports, or track your delivery online throughout its journey.

Can every delivery be traced?

Track & Trace and Proof of Delivery are standard on all packages except Mail Express. If you need a mail tracking service, we can send your mail by other means such as Worldwide Express.

When will I receive proof of delivery?

We’ll always confirm delivery immediately by email. And if you’ve opted for a Timed or Same Day Delivery, we can notify you immediately by phone – even if delivery is made outside office hours. You’ll also receive a full report of all new activity, at the end of each day.

When will I be invoiced?

Our e-biling system raises invoices every 10 days. Each new invoice will be emailed to you as a PDF, and if you have an account with us, you’ll have access to all current and previous invoices online via our secure server.

Why should I set up an account with ICR?

As well as accessing online reports, our account holders benefit from our latest offers and best delivery rates. You’ll also be able to access instant quotations and schedule each new job online.

What kind of reports can I access online?

When you log into our Account Management suite, you can check the status of all jobs and create reports by name, department or date range, with costs of shipping as standard. This will allow you to allocate charges to specific cost centres. You can also recover past invoices and PoDs.

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