“ICR offers exceptional customer service and competitive prices; we would highly recommend them to anyone!”

Surveillance & Security Manufacturer

“I shall be sure to recommend anyone I can to you. I fully applaud your quality of customer service which I must say is second to none, saving me time and hassle which is a far greater benefit to me than chasing around the lowest price or using one of the big faceless brands that dominate the market. Thanks again for fast tracking that pallet pick up the other week, a real life saver.”

“We sell handmade porcelain. When we opened our first shop in Europe 2 years ago, we decided to choose a big delivery company. It was quite ok at the beginning but began to get worse and worse: many breakages, inexistent customer service, we were losing time and money.


We decided to make a try with ICR because they were, like us, a SME, and because they were specialised in carrying fragile items. The test was more than successful! Communication is amazing, and the team super-efficient. Even if you didn’t book anything, the team calls you to make sure you didn’t have a last minute box to dispatch. We highly recommend their services.”

Retail – London Store

“We started using ICR Worldwide Express nearly a year ago and have not regretted it for a minute.


The nature of our business is such that we need to send documents and packages all over the world. In the past we would use a very large company but found that we regularly not only had problems but help was difficult to get, especially when documents we sent to certain parts of the world.


ICR Worldwide Express have been very helpful from day one. Their drivers are well trained and briefed, friendly and professional, and the control room staff are always able to rise to any challenge we throw at them. They are also very quick with pick-up, delivery and replies to questions/call!


We will absolutely continue to use ICR Worldwide Express and do not hesitate to recommend ICR Worldwide Express as a very professional team and who will meet any courier needs you may have.”

Staffing services

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