Express mail

A fast alternative to international postage

When you’re mailing overseas, you don’t have to rely on postal services (and fall prey to the strikes and lost deliveries that can follow). ICR’s Express Mail is an efficient alternative for any bulk mailing campaign. We’re here to save you time and money – as well as all that anxiety….

Why choose Express Mail?

We keep it simple. There’s hardly any paperwork, and no need for stamps and franking. Just sort your mail into “Europe” or “Rest of the World” piles, and tell us how much it weighs. That’s it.

Then we’ll deliver to suit your objectives – whether you care about budget or speed.

At a glance

  • For bulk international mailings
  • Fast and cost effective delivery:
  • Choose Priority or Economy
  • Door to door, to any country
  • No stamps or franking
  • Business mail:
    letters, printed matter and small packages only

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